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[ $10+ commission - flower on fire ] for antheias!

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…This drawing is full of many things I love. (Commission inks for Antheias)

Storenvy // Deviantart // Tumblr // Gumroad // Commissions

another pay cut…

October package, for a girl who loves Zidane!

Storenvy // Deviantart // Tumblr // Gumroad // Commissions


AHHH the mail is so fast!! My commission(s) from tuesday-cat arrived (safely) today! Aka lovely surprise when I got home from work. So beautiful *cries into my hands* and so many things THANK YOU FOR DRAwing my characters so charmingly!!

woohoo! <3 thank YOU for being such a star!


10/2014: I’ve been getting questions about this book, so Harvest Moon doujinshi Friends of Mine reprint pre-orders are now open!

Ordering details:

  • $10 US + S/H from the US to your country
  • Payment method: Paypal
  • Contact me via email: to preorder
  • All pre-orders receive a free thank-you sketch from tuesday-cat of any Harvest Moon Back to Nature character of your choice!

This 42 page doujinshi contains:

  • guest art and comics by HJ Reload, Hitode, and Likrot.
  • reprint Wonderful Life comic by me (13p)
  • Likrot’s mini comic Karen’s Carelessness (2p)
  • a new doujinshi Friends of Mine by me (9p)
  • me and Haeun’s hit mini Club Crab HVM comic (1p)
  • 8 Harvest Moon color illustrations
  • more than 6 b/w illustrations, some never-before-seen!

Focuses on the cast from Back to Nature and Friends of Mineral Town, but feel free to ask if you have any questions. The goal is to get the book reprinted by Jan-Feb 2015, money permitting! As of 10/2014 we have 3/15 of the preorders needed to fully fund a reprint run. Thanks for your interest and support!


idea sketch for Maxwell’s commission Bucky Barnes and Natasha Romanoff. While I like the idea, I’m not so fond of the execution, so I think I’ll let this one sit for awhile and think on it, then come back to it again later.

Starting pencils for a commission of Antheias's wonderfully adorable characters <3

Storenvy // Deviantart // Tumblr // Gumroad // Commissions


Club crab has a mascot, McKot! Thank you, Atti!