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Pixivでポストするために、日本語版も作った。シンプルな漫画は楽しい。(シンプルな日本語だけも使えるのほうが良いね… だけど、今からも頑張る!!)


tuesday-cat (Annie) did pencils and I inked and painted!

This was so fun, julia! Happy ten years of friendship!!! See you again soon!

kidd stuff


ディジタル途中 - calm breeze

wanna draw draw draw but gottta sleep sleep sleep

applefight - full page ver

Thank you so much for picking up my Kobori & Kikuchi prints!<3<3<3

Club Crab stickers in the works, on sale soon! <3



We found a whale I thought Chuck would really love… and a little blue fellow who looks like he’d fit right in our comics. Can’t wait to scan them!

I live down the block from that whale and have been drooling over it forever… I tried to buy it but it ain’t for sale; ‘s’just a window decoration, no tag or nothing. I didn’t draw any of this, but I’m the kid with the glasses in the picture! So cute! Thanks Anna!!!

Okay, Boss, I know what we gotter do… If it ain’t fer sale… We gotta break in and steal it, see!!

Rose is too darn cute!!!