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i really love your art tons ;v; do you have any advice on someone who wants to start becoming better at drawing enviroments? i have minimal practice but i want to do better and i can see its one of your strongest points

Asked by nepetea

Hello hello!

I feel environments are something I’m always fighting to understand and practice, so I’m very flattered to hear you think so. Thank you for your kind words.

As such, I’m not sure I’m qualified to give advice, but I will do my best!

My advice would be to 1) practice as many different types of environments as often as possible (my goal that I’ve never met has always been one environment sketch a day) and 2) practice from many different sources.

For example, draw from real life - your house, your next-door neighbor’s house. Go travelling or sit in a cafe and draw whatever catches your eye, for as long as you want to draw it. Or draw amazing environments from photos of places you’ve never been: National Geographic is great for photos like that, and there are many image collections both online and on paper, available for free loan at many local libraries. Go through google maps and zoom in someplace random on the globe!

After you’ve worked with flat images on paper for a long  time, understanding something from a 3D perspective can help a lot, too - looking at a model of a house or environment and drawing it from different angles can be really useful. (There are also digital 3D constructions of everything you can imagine - even exploring a location in a videogame and drawing it can be great fun.)

Those are all things I want to do, in any case, heheh. I hope my rambles may be of some help to you, and good luck on your journey!

Happy birthday grandma!

Practice doodle for a commission. Didn’t like my first attempt at painting it… I think I need a new method for the sketch/lineart/erase lineart phases, or to recycle an old one.

…I wish I had access to a proper light box.


planning, in the numbing cold of the north

it’s a ball of fire, not a pile of poo

Kobori’s circle-eyelash eyes turned out miffed by accident

Lovely sleepy weather

King Trode sticker for Lavandia just because

And a vulpix for… me, I guess. ;D

Cousin Shikao sticker attempt for Atti, rockin’ out PS1 style

Sticker attempt - I wanted to draw Ari running, and Annie too