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not too shabby, shabu shabu zombee!

Mimi and I drew a bunch of comics over the past two days, it was crazy fun, and I can probably get more pages of Abe and the Ants scanned in come October! <3 Here, appleatti's Brush, Dana, C.L. and Necktai's adventures in cooking are partially based on real life adventures…

Whoo! Finally got to ship out commissions and one more copy of the Harvest Moon book. Thank you again for waiting so patiently! <3

(To preorder the reprint of the Harvest Moon book, email me at or you can buy the pdf!)

★★★★ rolling on ★ ClubCrab@storenvy ★★★


Our Club★Crab packages are made with lots of love! (And I got to crab-copy Haeun’s lovely Hyouka Detective kechain, fu fu)

rockin’ Kobori package + comic for shubbyyy I made without realizing it was for her, haha

thank you thank you

To Cat Canyon!

Every day

Has an end

And every life

Begins again